Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back to the RE

This morning I went into the RE office and they did bloodwork and an ultrasound. On the ultrasound they saw a follicle. It should have been a good thing, but the nurse seemed hesitant to be excited to see it. She said that it didn't look like it was attached to my ovary. The Dr came in and also seemed reserved about the follicle. He said that he was very hesitant to start me on injections (the next step) because of my size they do not want me to get over stimulated. That would lead to a greater chance of multiples.

This afternoon, I got a call from the Dr about my bloodwork. I didn't ovulate - so that follicle was just hanging out in there. Darn!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

We have a diagnosis

Today was the appointment with the RE. The Mr. and I went together. It was a really nice building, and everyone was really nice when we got there. We went back and talked to the Dr for probably almost an hour! It felt good to just pour out everything. Back when I started my period (when I was around 12) they were never regular. By the time I reached 15 they were very sporadic and when my period did come it was very, very painful! I got on birth control pills when I was 16 to "regulate" me. Even on BCP's my periods were still very painful! He listened to everything and then sent me in to have an ultrasound.

Once the ultrasound got started, they showed me my ovaries and they were covered with cysts!! The Dr came in and almost gasped - he said you definitely have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)! This means that I have lots of cysts on each of my ovaries. They can cause painful periods (check!) and sporadic periods (check!) AND infertility.

PCOS is actually a very common type of infertility. Good, I guess. The Dr was so shocked that I had it because I am not overweight. That is one of the main symptoms of PCOS. I also do not have excess body hair (another symptom).

So this is what I am dealing with. Unfortunately this is something that will affect me for the rest of my life. It can cause diabetes and heart conditions. At least I have a reason. The Dr started me on Femera. He said that some people that do not respond to Clomid, do respond to Femera. I go back in 2 weeks to see if this works.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Clomid fails again!

Well the increased dose of Clomid did NOTHING to me. In fact, my doctor said that my progesterone level was the lowest it has been! HA! Tomorrow The. Mr. and I go in for the RE appointment! I am really looking forward to that! I am saying lots of prayers that we will get some kind of answer!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

New car!

So today is Mother's Day. I am not to the point yet to where it gets me upset or sad because I am not a mom yet. It is getting to the point where I am really sad that this isn't working for us. It is supposed to be easy, right?!

Anyway, today The Mr. and I went out just to LOOK at suvs. We have wanted to upgrade our little car to a SUV. The main reason, because duh we want to start a family. We also just wanted to get rid of our car! So.... our "looking" turned into buying! They gave us a deal we couldn't refuse! Now we are a new (to us) Trail Blazer! Yay!

Now all we need is the baby to go in the back :)

Oh, and 4 more days until we go in for the RE appointment!