Monday, September 20, 2010

Come on baby!

Thank you all for your comments on my last post! The Mr and I talked about everything and decided to go with the induction date of the 27th. We really wanted to wait until at least after the due date. Also, she hasn't don't an ultrasound on me since 20 weeks, so I'm not sure how accurate she is guessing the size. And I am really not worried about a c-section... of course, I would rather him come on his own naturally, but I am not opposed to a c-section if he in fact is too big. My biggest worry is being in labor ALL day and THEN them doing a c-section - where I would be exhausted. But - whatever happens, happens right :)

I am SO ready! The Mr and I have been doing everything!
- spicy tai food
- long walks
- sex
- fresh pineapple
- did I mention walks?!
Yesterday morning I woke up feeling very nauseous, which I've heard is a sign. That your body is "clearing out" preparing for labor. But it didn't last long. We went to church like normal, but I was having some contractions, about 30 min apart. By the time we got home, they had pretty much gone. I ended up taking a TWO hour nap! Then we went on a long walk. After my shower I was having contractions every 10 min or so... but then they got further and further apart. Once I went to bed I would wake up with contractions. Although they weren't consistant. I got up around 3 and got some water and my heating bag and they were gone.

I keep praying that I will know what to do when I am supposed to! I am just ready! It is so hard to breath right now! haha
And I do get a little annoyed when I show up at work and everyone says, "You're still here?!"
Um, yes, yes I am.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

39 week appt

So, I am a bit discouraged. I went into my appointment this morning and am still at 1.5 cm dilated, and am now 80% effaced. The dr said that he was really low - which I can tell! I mean I feel like I pulled a groin muscle and I'm pretty sure I could start waddling if I wanted to!

She said she felt like he was a big baby - like he was probably 8 - 8.5 lbs right now. I am 5'1" and, before I got pregnant, weighted 110... so I'm not a big person. She is worried that the baby will be too big for me to push out. She wants to induce.

Now, the Mr. and I have talked about this and both agreed that we do not want to induce if there wasn't a medical reason. When I voiced this to the dr she said, in her opinion, that is a medical reason. She said I am at about a 20 - 40% chance of having a c-section anyway because of his size.

I have heard that they aren't that accurate in guessing the weight of the baby, but she could be right. In a perfect world I would like to go into labor naturally and then go to the hospital and decide from there if I want drugs or not. In the real world, I am okay with natural or a c-section... however God wants me to deliver this sweet boy is fine by me.

I guess my discouragement comes with, now I have to decide when I want to have him. My options were... the 22nd, or the 27th. The 27th would be after my due date (the 23rd), so we will probably do that...
but at the same time, it is so tempting to just do it on the 22nd. I am starting to swell and am very uncomfortable, so seeing that end in sight is VERY tempting. Although I don't think I could convince the Mr. :)

I need help! I guess I just hang tight until the 27th. He may very well come between now and then. It was a bummer that I hadn't progressed any though.

What do you ladies think??

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm still here

I have been a bad blogger... I've just been busy, and honestly don't have much to update.

I will be 39 weeks tomorrow! At my last appointment (a week ago) I was 1.5 cm dilated and 75% effaced. She said he was head down and "really low", so that's good! She said it was very unlikely he'll be turning.

I am soo ready! It is getting pretty uncomfortable. My back is hurting and my feet don't go down - they are so puffy! haha
We have the nursery ready, just waiting on baby! The Mr. and I both agreed that I am not going to be induced if there isn't a medical reason for it (and no not just because I'm uncomfortable!). So... we'll see when our little man decides to make his appearance! We are soo excited!

My parents plan on hitting the road and heading our way as soon as they get the call that I'm in labor. They will probably stay around 10 days or so. I think that will be perfect, then the Mr. and I will be able to slowly adjust to being parents!

I am not really having any major "symptoms" of labor. I do feel a contraction every now and then... but they really aren't worth mentioning. At night when I am tossing around my back hurts and I get some cramping, but during the day - nothing.

I go in for my appointment in the morning, so hopefully she can give me some idea of what's going on in there! :)