Thursday, September 16, 2010

39 week appt

So, I am a bit discouraged. I went into my appointment this morning and am still at 1.5 cm dilated, and am now 80% effaced. The dr said that he was really low - which I can tell! I mean I feel like I pulled a groin muscle and I'm pretty sure I could start waddling if I wanted to!

She said she felt like he was a big baby - like he was probably 8 - 8.5 lbs right now. I am 5'1" and, before I got pregnant, weighted 110... so I'm not a big person. She is worried that the baby will be too big for me to push out. She wants to induce.

Now, the Mr. and I have talked about this and both agreed that we do not want to induce if there wasn't a medical reason. When I voiced this to the dr she said, in her opinion, that is a medical reason. She said I am at about a 20 - 40% chance of having a c-section anyway because of his size.

I have heard that they aren't that accurate in guessing the weight of the baby, but she could be right. In a perfect world I would like to go into labor naturally and then go to the hospital and decide from there if I want drugs or not. In the real world, I am okay with natural or a c-section... however God wants me to deliver this sweet boy is fine by me.

I guess my discouragement comes with, now I have to decide when I want to have him. My options were... the 22nd, or the 27th. The 27th would be after my due date (the 23rd), so we will probably do that...
but at the same time, it is so tempting to just do it on the 22nd. I am starting to swell and am very uncomfortable, so seeing that end in sight is VERY tempting. Although I don't think I could convince the Mr. :)

I need help! I guess I just hang tight until the 27th. He may very well come between now and then. It was a bummer that I hadn't progressed any though.

What do you ladies think??


  1. Yes, these guesses can be way off... or they can be pretty spot on. I would err on the side of caution and choose the earlier date, considering your frame-size and his projected weight. A concern of induction is that your body might not be ready for labor-- resulting in a failed induction and c-section. However, you are already 80% effaced right now at 39 weeks. Whether you maintain that percentage or go all the way to 100% in the next week--- your body is showing that it is pretty close to be ready. I think you would have good (better) odds of getting a vaginal birth going earlier.

    I wouldn't want to wait too long, go through the rigor of induced labor, only to find out the kid is HUGE and you need a c-section after all.

    Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will all work out in the end and you'll have your beautiful son!

  2. I was going to say wait until after your due date! I know everyone was different, but I was told my baby would be well over 9 lbs (I am 5' 5 and weighed 120 before). I gave birth 2 days early (water broke after I did castor oil!!) and my baby was 8lbs. So, they are not always right. Pray about it and try any tricks you can to go into labor! Good luck!

  3. I would wait. I too am only 5'1 and about 115. My first baby they predicted at 9 lbs and I went into labor the night before I was due to be induced. She was only 5 1/2 lbs. Also, with this being your first baby induction could very well lead to a c-section. Please do lots of research. You can go from finger tip dilated into full blown labor. Lot's of tiny women deliver vaginally larger babies all the time. Do your research and good luck.

  4. I agree with....Meggo. If they are accurate on what your baby weighs, you are looking at another half pound weight gain in the baby each week that you wait. Being as small as you are, you are then looking at active labor that could still end with a c-section. I know it's not what you want to think about, but in order to reduce the chance of needing a c-section, you should opt for the earlier date. As a c-section veteran, I want to reassure you that it isn't nearly as bad or as rough as people make it out to be. I suppose it's rougher if you have active labor and then still go in for a c-section. Induction is not a bad idea, but I would recommend opting for the earlier date. Most first time moms go past their due date before going into active labor. But it may not be worth risking a 9+ pound baby who will undoubtedly cause serious tearing if they don't give you an episiotomy.

  5. Such decisions! I think you have the right outlook on praying about it and really you should listen to God and your body. Your body knows what it needs and if you are really feeling uncomfortable then it might be best to pick the earlier date. I can totally understand your reservations, just remember that once you are able to deliver that you will want to bounce back as soon as possible so you can be a part of every moment. If you think going with the earlier date would help your body not get so stressed I would totally go for it. If you look at the big picture there is not much that will happen with growth in those 5 days. Good luck girl & congrats! You will do great no matter the date!!