Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Birth Story!

Wow- I don't even know where to start!

First off, I'm sorry for being MIA, I really just had so much to say that I didn't say anything! I know that sounds crazy!

Okay, so here is a VERY condensed birth story of my little man:
I went in to the doctor for my 40 week appointment, on September 23. This was my due date. I was still only 1 cm dilated. I asked for an ultrasound to see if we could determine how big of a baby I was going to have (remember my dr recommended a c-section due to the size baby I was going to have). They determined he would be about 8 lbs 14 oz. These things can be a pound off either way... so at this point I said, I'm ready, let's do this! So we scheduled a c-section for noon the next day.

Fast forward to that night... the Mr. had to go to a meeting with work, I told him to go. My parents came into town that night and planned on staying until after little man was born. I started having contractions right after they got here at 4:00 p.m. I was in complete denial! When they were literally 5 minutes apart, I said "Mom what do I do?!" She said, "Get your stuff let's go!" It was about 6 p.m.

I think I was so convinced that I had a plan to have this baby the next day, there was no way I was in labor! haha

We got to the hospital, the Mr. met us there, and by this point my contractions where to the point where I couldn't talk, or hardly breathe through them. They were ALL in my back! Oh the pain! They hooked me up to everything, and checked me - I was still only 1 cm dilated! The nurse left to call my doctor to see what she wanted to do. I just remember almost crying to the Mr.... "Please don't let them send me home! I can't do this at home!"

The nurse came back and said, Okay you're having a baby! I had told them I was scheduled for a c-section the next day, so please just do it now. My doctor agreed, and so they were about to ship me off for a c-section.

- Time out right here.... all the way to this point I was almost convinced that I was going to be pregnant forever. Seriously. I just couldn't imagine anything else. -

My parents were debating if they had time to run and get dinner... so they asked how long it would take. The nurse said, "oh, you'll see him in about 20 minutes"
What tha?!
I couldn't believe it would be that short!

So, they wheeled me down the hall... the Mr. had to stop and put on scrubs while they took me into the room and gave me a spinal block. I was having contractions through all of this so it made it very hard to relax while they did this. I remember seeing lots of people in scrubs and they were all talking and laughing... like no big deal. And I was in my dinky little hospital gown that kept flapping open, and really, I didn't care. Not one bit. It's true what they say - you really don't care who is there and who sees you naked!

The block was a miracle, and worked so fast! I remember the Mr. sitting to my left with the camera, and he just kept snapping random pictures of us holding hands, self portriates of himself...
I kept telling him - this feels so wierd!
The doctor said, okay here is the head.... and the Mr. stood up to take some pictures.

Then I heard the most precious sound on the face of the earth.... a beautiful cry of my baby boy! I am in tears remembering it right now!
The Mr. would take some pictures, then run back and show them to me... at this point I couldn't see him yet.

The nurse moved the weight machine next to me so I could see him when they put him on it.

8lbs 7 oz. 20.5 inches long. Born at 9:01 pm on September 23 (his due date)

After this, things are kind of blurry. The Mr went with our little man to get cleaned up in the nursery... I went into the recovery room. And I just remember chilling there with the nurses. I asked for some ice, because I was so thirsty... and I have no clue how long I was in there. I remember my foot occasionally twitching, but I couldn't feel it. After who-knows-how-long I was wheeled into my room, and met my little man. Oh wow, what a feeling!

To sum up the next 3 days in the hospital -
I recovered fast from the c-section. The little man latched on and breastfed like a champ! I was so nervous that I wouldn't be able to breastfeed (because of PCOS) but I work! =) I had spinal headaches from the spinal block - they were KILLER, and lasted about 6 days. It helped to lay flat on my back.

I know this was fast - but I had to get out what I could in a short amount of time! I am sooo in love with our sweet baby! I can't believe it's already been 5 months! He is perfect!