Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nursery duty

Today The Mr. and I kept nursery at church. We started this a few months ago, it is somewhat preparing us :) The kids that we normally look after are a little over 1, so they are walking around. It is a lot of fun!

Friday, March 27, 2009

OPK doesn't work!

So, the past 2 mornings I have taken the opk test and both mornings I got the 2 lines. I figure that means that I didn't ovulate. I am trying not to get too frusturated. Wonder what the doctor will say next...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another test

This morning I took another ovulation test and there were 2 dark lines again - if anything darker today than yesterday. Maybe I ovulated? Since I haven't ovulated in over 10 years (due to birth control pills) I don't even know if I would know what it felt like!

I try not to get my hopes way up since, so far, it has not been easy for us to get pregnant. I woke up with heartburn this morning which was wierd. Hopefully it isn't all in my head :) I tend to do that!

Well, fingers crossed and saying lots of prayers!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ovulation Predictor Kit

Now, I am all caught up!

Currently I took the Provera, started my period, started Clomid, and am now praying that I ovulate. I figured that I should ovulate sometime this weekend – IF I am on a “normal” cycle. My doctor recommended that we buy an Ovulation Predictor Kit, just so we would a) know if it worked this time, and b) know when to have sex. The Mr. actually bought one for me, and the instructions said to start the 7 day test on day 11 of your cycle…Well, today is day 11. So this morning, I took the first test. First of all – the instructions said that 1 line means no surge (for ovulation), 1 line and a faint line meant no surge, 2 dark lines meant that you will ovulate withing 24-36 hours.

Guess what mine was??? 2 dark lines.

So, I should be excited right? No, not me, I am sure the test is wrong - or else I did it wrong... although how can you go wrong with peeing on a stick? I have never done an ovulation test before so I don't know what my "normal" is, I am just shocked that there were 2 dark lines. Anyway, just to be safe The Mr. and I had sex yesterday and will again either tonight or in the morning - just in case!

Month one

So it didn't work...

The Mr. got his SA done, and he is in perfect health, and his little guys are swimming around just fine! That’s a relief that something isn’t wrong with him too! My body, on the other hand, is deciding to be difficult.

On the few days where I thought I should be ovulating I did feel some major cramps – so I figured, Yay it worked! Then on day 21 I went in to get the lab work done. Turns out my progesterone level was like at 4, where it should have been around 12 or something – meaning I did not ovlulate.

What a let down! The doctor recommended that I try the same cycle one more time to see if it will work this time. I am on 50 mg of the Clomid. Even at that dose the risk for a multiple birth is about 8%, so the doctor didn’t want to increase the chances just yet. Plus with an increased dose the side effects increase as well. So here we go - round 2...

Enter: Clomid

In January, I went back to the doctor. It had been 3 months since I was there last, and since then I had not ovulated at all. By this point, The Mr. and I were really ready for a baby – we had been trying for awhile now and we were READY!

My doctor decided to put me on Clomid. Well, first she did blood work on me. I forgot what all the tested for… I know my thyroid and if I was menopausal (???) Whatever it was, they all turned out fine. Next, I had to take Provera again, so I would have a period. That way I would know where I was in my cycle. On the 3rd day of my cycle I was to start the Clomid. On the 21st day of my cycle I had to go back to the lab to get another blood test. This time testing to see if I ovulated.

AND The Mr. had some instructions too! He needed to get a sperm analysis done.

No ovulation yet

Well, the Provera got my period going. I started just a couple days after the last pill (which is what was expected). The Mr. and I were so excited about this new adventure! We didn’t want this to be a stressful process, so we decided not to temp or take ovulation prediction tests or anything. I knew when I should have ovulated, so The Mr. and I made sure to have sex every other day around that time.

The holiday’s came and went and I never started my period – meaning I never did ovulate.

Trip to the doctor

In October 2008, I still had not started my period. It had been 2 months since I stopped the pills, and still no sign on my period. Funny that you start wishing for it to come! It was time for my annual check-up anyway, so it worked out that I had the doctors appointment.

Background info: I started my period when I was like 13, and it started off being regular, but as I got older they became increasingly irregular - and painful! I got on birth control pills when I was 16 just to make them regular (and less painful!) So, it wasn’t a great shock to me that I was not starting my period yet.

The doctor looked me over, and said I seem healthy and fine and everything checked out okay. So she gave me a prescription for Provera to “kick start my system”. Provera is a pill that is supposed to trigger your period, and in turn trigger ovulation.

I was happy with that and started the pill the next day!

Bye Bye Birth Control

In August 2008 The Mr. and I decided that we really wanted to start a family. So at the beginning of the month I tossed the birth control pills! What a BIG step! I went out and bought some over-the-counter pre-natal vitamins. We even took a picture! It was very exciting!

The Beginning

First of all, I am The Mrs. and I am happily married to The Mr. We have been married for 3 years and have known each other for 7. We have decided to try and extend our family. The reason I have started this blog is just to write my thoughts and feelings throught this process. I have decided not to tell many people, so this is the way to get my feelings out. The Mr. and I believe in God and truely feel that He is working in our lives. We started trying back in August of 2008. Here is our journey...