Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ovulation Predictor Kit

Now, I am all caught up!

Currently I took the Provera, started my period, started Clomid, and am now praying that I ovulate. I figured that I should ovulate sometime this weekend – IF I am on a “normal” cycle. My doctor recommended that we buy an Ovulation Predictor Kit, just so we would a) know if it worked this time, and b) know when to have sex. The Mr. actually bought one for me, and the instructions said to start the 7 day test on day 11 of your cycle…Well, today is day 11. So this morning, I took the first test. First of all – the instructions said that 1 line means no surge (for ovulation), 1 line and a faint line meant no surge, 2 dark lines meant that you will ovulate withing 24-36 hours.

Guess what mine was??? 2 dark lines.

So, I should be excited right? No, not me, I am sure the test is wrong - or else I did it wrong... although how can you go wrong with peeing on a stick? I have never done an ovulation test before so I don't know what my "normal" is, I am just shocked that there were 2 dark lines. Anyway, just to be safe The Mr. and I had sex yesterday and will again either tonight or in the morning - just in case!

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