Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We have follicles!

The Mr. and I had a GREAT time this past weekend! We needed to get away! I struggled with the injections every night - it really hurt that second time. The other ones didn't hurt, but it is just intimidating to stick yourself with a needle!

Today I went in to the Dr to see if the injections worked. They did bloodwork, and then I had my ultrasound. On the ultrasound there were 2 follicles!!! The nurse kept saying, "this looks soo good!!!" I left and waited for them to call me about my bloodwork.

This afternoon they called and said, TRIGGER!!! I took an Orvidril shot that is supposed to trigger ovulation. I am sooo excited!!! This could actually be my first 2 week waiting!! I could actually have a shot at getting pregnant!! I am beyond excited!

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