Monday, April 13, 2009

In on it

I have said before that The Mr. and I have not told anyone that we are trying to have a baby, and that we are having some issues, but I have actually told a couple people. One of my best friends (she lives in my hometown - about 8 hours away), knows. Also, my neighbor knows. Her and I go on walks a lot after I get off work. She has a baby that will be 1 next month, so we go with her baby and my dog on nice walks around the neighborhood. It is nice having her to talk to. She is so sweet, and she is a christian so it is nice to know that she and her husband is praying for us.

I also told my mom. I tell my mom everything and I just couldn't keep it from her any longer! We have been trying since August, so I thought it'd been long enough. Plus she kept saying things that indicated she thought we'd have news for her sometime soon... for example: I am in my best friends wedding coming up and mom said, "good thing the bridesmaids dress has an empire waist, just in case you get bigger or something..." haha - okay mom, I get it! haha, so I told her. She was sooo excited to know that we are trying. But I am sure it was hard to hear that we are having trouble. She didn't have trouble with me or my brother.

I feel better having told a few people though. It helps to be able to talk to people, especially my mom!

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