Monday, May 3, 2010

Random thoughts:

- I really really really strongly dislike my job.

- I've been having the most random, vivid dreams lately! One was about me going to the club with my church girlfriends, I forgot to shave my legs, so with all my clothes on (and my heels) I jumped in the shower and shaved my legs. Another was about Hannibal Lecter. Last night I dreamed I woke up and my belly was flat... no bump.... this one scared me the most.

- We have BUSY times coming up! Pretty much from now until the end of the year. Crazy right?

- My mother-in-law is coming on Friday. Yes I am really excited! I am one of the lucky ones that likes their in-laws

- Why do they make sooo many choices when it comes to buying baby items?? Like which stroller to get...

- I have been feeling something moving around in my belly... it has to be the baby! It's exciting, but I can't wait for him to just kick me, hard enough to where it isn't a question of it being gas. I told him, "This is the only time I will tell you to kick me".

- Last night I snapped at the Mr. Everything that he did (or didn't do) I snapped at him. And the whole time I said, "I don't know why I'm acting like this".

- This Thursday I am halfway through the pregnancy. It's hard to believe!

- I am trying to plan a trip for the Mr. and I to get away for a long weekend. I am soo excited about it - I just have to actually buy the hotel and plan it. And I'm trying to do it for Memorial weekend, so I'm running out of time.

- Did you know that places only sell gift wrapping totes during Christmastime? (You know the long skinny totes that hold the wrapping paper?)

- I cleaned out my spice cabinet this weekend - probably half of my spices were expired.

- I have to pee all.the.time.

- Happy Monday!


  1. -I'm sorry you hate your job. That truly sucks.
    -I hear you about the dreams! Mine have calmed.
    -I love my in-laws too!
    -Baby Bargains (a book) was a life saver when I freaked out about which crib, stroller, car seat, bottles, etc. to buy
    -Also had the snappiness at hubby. It's probably appreciated that you at least acknowledge that it is irrational - I know my hubby appreciated that even if I kept it up!
    -Congrats on making it halfway! Exciting!

  2. Ditto on the Baby Bargains book. I think I would have lost my mind by now trying to make decisions on that stuff!

  3. Oh, dreams are doozies even still. Last night it included a dinosaur, a dog and randome strangers at my baby shower. Weird. And everytime I wake up to pee, I dream something else. It's a jumbled mess when I wake up. :)

    Halfway!! WOO-HOO! :)

  4. gosh I'm having many of the same thoughts! Esp around too many choices regarding baby stuff. Especially hard when you live in a small apartment with limited closet space :(