Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Big news!

Can you see it?!!!!!

I went to the Dr this morning and she did an ultrasound. I told her I was having major cramps. Like I was going to start my period any time. She just gave me a funny look and said "that's what all women say that end up pregnant" She did the ultrasound and my 2 follicles were HUGE!! I mean they were enormous! She said they would look at my bloodwork and call me. She gave me a prescription for BCP for me to take to shrink those big follicles if I was not pregnant.

I got a call this afternoon and she said, "you know that prescription I gave you?? Well you can throw it away because you are pregnant!!"

I am in shock!! The Mr. and I went out to dinner tonight to celebrate. Then he took me to Walmart to buy a bunch of "healthy" food :)

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