Monday, April 19, 2010


I felt like I had a pretty productive weekend! I got our office cleaned out, and the dressers cleaned out/off so that we could start painting them for the nursery. The Mr. got really excited about it! So we headed off to the store to get all the supplies. And he finished it this weekend!! I was so impressed! And it looks SOOO good! I can't wait to get the crib and see everything together!

I didn't go into my appointment last Thursday...
so I started getting these cramps/pressure in my lower abdomen Wednesday night. I was so glad we had an appointment the next day so I could bring it up. During the appointment I told her about it. It isn't constant, but it is uncomfortable. It isn't painful either. Just a dull cramping/pressure. And it is really low... like as low as you can get on my abdomen. The doctor said that since we were going to do the ultrasound anyway she would check my cervix and make sure I wasn't dilating. I'm not, yay! She said my cervix looked "nice and long" (thanks? haha).

Anyway, so the cramps/pressure hasn't gone away. Like I said, it isn't constant... it comes and goes, but it is definitely still there. I feel like maybe calling the doctor just to make sure this is "normal" but at the same time I was just there and everything was good. Heartbeat was strong, cervix was closed, baby boy was looking good :) I've been trying not to do researching on the Internet... but I looked around anyway. Looks like a lot of girls have had this and it is just stretching.

I had a long talk with God yesterday about it. I want to get back to the place where I didn't worry because He is in control. No matter what I do God is going to make sure everything happens the way it is supposed to.


  1. Hope that the cramping/pressure stops. And I can't wait to see pics of the furniture!

  2. It is impossible not to worry when it is so difficult to get pregnant in the first place. Don't beat yourself up! And your pains sound exactly like what I had a lot of around the time you are at - it was definitely stretching. I wouldn't be surprised if you soon see some major growth come on fast! I hope you can relax though. :)

  3. I am almost 100% positive that what you are having is round ligament pain. Basically the way the on call doc explained it to me when I panicked and called is that when the uterus finally gets big enough that it has to pop up and out of the pevlic cavity (which typically occurs about 18 weeks or so), it can be a stress on the round ligaments that hold the uterus to your hips. It can be painful, especially if you are atanding up or walking around a lot. Lie on your side and see if it goes away after a while- it should. I got a maternity support brace that helped some when my RLP was really bad (don't get the super crazy looking ones-they hurt when you sit. Just a plain wide elastic band looking thing is fine). Another thing that helped was sleeping with a pillow between my legs to keep my hips aligned at night.
    Good news is that it won't hurt the baby or your pregnancy at all. It is painful when you are feeling it, but that's the extent of the damage :) Also the doc said that it should/might only last until about 25 weeks. With these little changes/tips and a few weeks (I am 25 weeks tomorrow) my RLP hasn't bothered me much at all lately. Let me know if these tips helped! I hope so :)

  4. I'm so glad that things are still going well! I'm sorry about the cramping, but I'm sure it's perfectly normal. God is definitely in control. I have a hard time remembering that too. :-)