Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some updates:

Looks like I'll be going on-line to Old Navy and The Gap to order my maternity pants! :) Thanks for the advice! I am actually getting a package (hopefully this weekend) from my SIL that will have maternity clothes in it. Have I mentioned that the Mr. has 4 older sisters? Our baby will make grandbaby # 13 on that side of the family! The sister that is mailing the clothes just told us this week that she is expecting # 5. Yup. FIVE. Insane. And, you can only guess, she has had no trouble. Zip. None. Just another day for her. I am excited for her, don't get me wrong. But wow.


So last weekend we looked at some cribs... and I want to go to one more store to look. I think I have picked out what I want though. One of the stores said it takes about 2 months to get the furniture in. Dang. If I ordered within the next month, that would put me at about 7 months before we got the crib! I know me - I would be in panic mode! haha So hopefully we can figure out what we want this weekend.

We have a couple dressers... a long one and a tall one, and after talking with the Mr. we decided that we will just paint those and use them in the baby's room. I will just have to get prettier knobs. But I am SO excited about this! Not only will it save money, but how fun to have a little project to work on! (well, I will do what I can... sanding and painting is probably not a good idea!)

I know I mentioned a few weeks ago how this pregnancy hasn't really hit me yet. Well it is definitely starting to - and I am SO beyond happy! I think now that my belly is growing and people are starting to notice, it makes it real to me. Now I am thinking - wow, I have tons to do to prepare!

I have been looking at bedding. Which is hard when we don't know what we are having yet, but I have a big feeling it is a girl. (I would LOVE a boy, but the Mr. has tons of girls on his side of the fam, and the heartbeat has been around the 160's). I know I don't want a theme, and I know (if it's a girl) I don't want a ton of pink. There are so many cute things out there but lots are way too expensive.

Oh and have I mentioned that we have already made some diaper purchases?? :) We were told that if we buy diapers every time we go to the store we'll have a stash by the time baby gets here. Not only that but we will get used to spending some extra money at the store. It seems weird to see diapers in our house! haha
On a side note, I am strongly considering doing cloth diapers... like starting when the baby is like 4 months old or so... after they get over all the newborn diaper changes!

I find myself so distracted at work, trying to find new places to look for baby stuff! I better actually get to work!


  1. I have started buying diapers too and it is so weird to see them in my house too! As for intuition and thinking that the baby is a girl, don't get your hopes set too high one way or the other. I was soooo sure that we were having a boy that I planned everything for a boy. But I was wrong and now I am having to start over. And girl bedding is so hard to choose! It all looks the same to me. And the ones that I like are super expensive. Crazy!!!

    Can't wait to hear what you are having!!!

  2. Wow, it sounds like you're having a blast!! That is crazy about your SIL's #5... GEEZ. Some people don't know how easy they have it!

  3. You might consider stashing money away for diapers on a gift card, rather than stocking up now. You won't know if the brand you are buying for LO will work until said LO is born. Brands that work for other babies might not work for yours. Plus, it will save space in your house. It's not like stores will no longer carry diapers once LO is born ;) Just an idea.

  4. stocking up on diapers is a great idea! I'm glad your sister in law is able to send you a few things for maternity clothes! Shopping for baby furniture must be so exciting...I CAN'T wait for the day when we will be able to do it!