Saturday, July 3, 2010

Baby Shower!

We had a surprise baby shower! It was so sweet! Where the Mr. works, he has a lot of volunteers - and they all got together and threw us a shower! They told him that it was a picnic and that I have to come with him because it was a "family thing". So off we went. When we arrived there was the sweetest cake (complete with the baby's name, a bottle, a onesie, baby booties, and a rattle! can you say talented?!) and a diaper cake! (we haven't mentioned to everyone we are cloth diapering since I was still trying to figure out which diaper to use.) We got tons of diapers - which I'm sure we will end up using! It was so much fun!

Oh and the cutest part?
We got a pack of 5 onesies...
The Mr. said "oh good we really need onesies!" (he's heard me say this I'm sure)
One of the guys there said, "Mr. what age does the baby have to be to wear a onesie?" (testing him)
The Mr. "two years old"
People laughed, I looked at the Mr. and giggled and kind of shoved him. What a nut.

Well later that night when we got home, the Mr. asked me the same question. He really thought they had to be two years old! How cute is he?!
Turns out our onesies fit sizes 0-3 months. :)

It was such a sweet gesture that they even thought to give us anything, much less throw us a complete baby shower!! I was blown away. What a blessing to have such wonderful people around us!

Now I need to get some cute thank you cards!

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  1. How sweet of them to throw you two a baby shower!!!