Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weekend and detergent

1. The weekend -
it was wonderful!! My family threw the nicest shower for us! We got tons of great stuff! It was so nice to see everyone and such a blessing that they love us and our little one so much :) I am very thankful for all that was done! We got some of our big items... play yard, highchair, cloth diapers, disposable diapers, and of course we got clothes, books, toys...
It was just perfect!

2 Detergent
so... I know a lot of people use Dreft for their newborns. I think I am going to go with Tide Free (no dyes, smells, etc.) The main reason is because the Mr. has really sensitive skin. Our neighbor gave us some off brand detergent and the Mr. broke out in blotches and I had to rush him to the hospital because of a severe allergic reaction! So... I am NEVER changing from Tide for his clothes again! Lesson learned!
Does anyone have any suggestions or anything about detergent? From what I can find it looks like there isn't much of a difference.



  1. Glad that you had a great shower!

  2. My take on detergent: I have very sensitive skin, especially to laundry detergent so I use All Free and Clear. I decided not to use Dreft and just stick with the All because I figured no dyes and no perfumes is the important thing. So far, no problems. And if this child has my skin we would know. So Tide Free would probably be good too. Good luck!

  3. WE use the All Free and Clear, too...Mike is crazy bad allergic to Tide or that would have been a likely choice for us, too. I say go for it...we haven't had a problem.

    And just another little note: I wash everything in that detergent, not just P's stuff, since she is touching our clothes, bedding, etc., too...

  4. I've always used Tide Free for my husband because of his psoriasis, so that's what we use for the baby too! It works great--there's no need to buy Dreft. I had it in my shopping cart at Target when I was pregnant, and someone came up to me and said "You really don't need that."