Thursday, July 22, 2010


We are going back "home" (where I'm from, still home to me!) this weekend! I am soooooo excited!! My family is throwing a baby shower for us! So... I discovered that if I get on my registry I can see what people have bought! I know, some of you probably discovered this from your wedding shower registry... I may be a little slow. But YAY! I am so excited about some of the things that have been bought! ;)

I haven't seen most of my family since January - at my brothers wedding. We were pregnant then, but only like 5 weeks... and we weren't about to take the spotlight at the wedding. So my family didn't find out weeks later when we were already gone. So, none of them have really seen me pregnant! They've seen pictures, but not the belly in person. Oh are they in for a treat! Our baby boy is definitely making himself known!

I really really REALLY miss being close to my family! We are about 8 hours away. Hopefully by the first of the year, the Mr. can get a transfer closer... at least to where we would be 4 hours or less away.

So... am I the only one that peeked at their registry???


  1. Have fun visiting family! And yes, I stalk my registry too. ;-)

  2. I peeked but since I didn't have a shower no one really bought anything. We had to buy it all and now that we bought all the necessities people are sending the leftovers but there is now nothing left and I don't know what more to register for!

  3. Haha, I check mine every day :)

  4. Yay! Have fun! You are so not first shower is tomorrow and I've been peeking all week! :-)

  5. I used to check my wedding registry religiously after I first did it. I am sure I will be the same way with a baby registry!