Thursday, August 5, 2010


I am not really an "emotional" person. I mean, yes I cry at sad/sappy movies, but overall I think of myself as being pretty tough. I am not snugly or do I feel that I am needy, and I definitely don't cry in front of people often.


I have my days... and today is one of them. I woke up this morning and was fine. Happy, played with the dog, goofed off with the Mr. just had a nice morning. Then it hit me... I am not going to see my mom until I have this baby! She isn't here to help with the nursery, or help me pick out cute hospital pajamas, or arrange everything, or oooh and ahhh over how cute these tiny clothes are.... it really made me sad.

My parents live 8 hours away... Long story short, the Mr. and I upped and moved down here to Alabama, just because. That's right folks, no job, no family, no friends, just the two of us. We definitely made the right choice. Our faith has grown unbelievably and we have great jobs and wonderful friends now. But we still don't have our families. After we started trying for a baby we decided that we needed to move back. We have 12 nieces and nephews, grandparents, parents, and siblings that we just want (and NEED) to be closer to. When we found out we were expecting we decided to put off moving until after we had the baby.

I PRAY that God opens doors for us fast. I know it is insane to think of moving with a newborn, but I don't care. I can do it!

My mom had plans to come here in a few weeks... but my brother is graduating from bootcamp that weekend, which she is going to instead (understandably!). And I WANT TO GO! But I'll be 36 weeks, and it is about 9 hours away.

I'm just sad. and homesick.

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  1. It's hard to be away from family. I hope you get to enjoy some time with your mom!!