Tuesday, August 17, 2010


is my birthday! I'm 28. It's funny how when you are younger you count down until your birthday. Even at 21 and 22... guess it's because we always did a big party, or went downtown to the bars... But as I have gotten older it sneaks up on me :)

The Mr. made me feel really special this morning. Before work he had all my gifts on our dining room table to open before we both left for the day. I had to take my wedding rings off a couple days ago (I was getting scared that my hands were swelling!) So he got me a band, it was really sweet. Granted it was from Walmart! haha That's what I told him I wanted though! Love him! He also got me a Marines shirt.... my brother graduates bootcamp next Friday! Woot!

I feel so incredibly blessed and look forward to what this next year has to offer!


  1. Happy Birthday! And baby day is right around the corner - 37 days! Hang in there in case you become uncomfortable this next month and he'll be here so soon. :)