Sunday, July 22, 2012

2nd pregnancy and miscarriage...

So, I wanted to elaborate a bit about our 2nd pregnancy and miscarriage.
First of all, when we got pregnant - it was totally a "God thing"... you know what I mean.  We had been to the fertility specialist in January, I called my insurance (I am now on the Mr's, when we concieved Little Man I was on my own) and the insurance told me that they would cover infertility.  Well, they said they would cover everything up to sperm actually meeting egg (i.e. IVF).  After leaving the specialist at the end of February, and getting set up with the injections, I got a call from the drug company that was going to be mailing the meds.  They said that the meds were NOT covered, and it would be over $1200!!!!  What tha?!
I was in tears!
Then about an hour later, I got a call from the nurse at the specialist office... she had my bloodwork results and... I was pregnant!  About 4 weeks!  I was floored!  I kept saying, this is impossible! 
I had a couple more appts to reconfirm, then I had a couple ultrasounds where we heard the precious heartbeat and saw the little peanut. 
I was released from the specialist and went to find an OB.  Remember we had moved to a new area, so I had to get a new one.  We lived in a tiny town near the coast of NC.  There was only 1, yes ONE, OB/GYN in town... when I called, here is how it went down:
Me: I need to make an appointment
Lady: For what?
Me: I'm pregnant!  8 weeks!
Lady: How do you know?
Me: Um... well, I was going to a specialist (an hour away, by the way), and he told me, plus I've taken a pregnancy test, and had ultrasounds...
Lady: We will need to have confirmation of the pregnancy before I can set up an appointment for you.
Me: Huh?
Lady: We need proof

Seriously?!  Is this normal?  Have you ladies had to go through that? 
So, I had to get my records faxed, which took f.o.r.e.v.e.r.
Once that was done, they couldn't get me in for another few weeks... so I was going to be 14 weeks pregnant before I saw the doctor.

So, that made me uneasy, first of all.

The beginning of the pregnancy I felt HORRIBLE!  Nauseous, tired, blah!  I was so glad to have the Mr. to help with Little Man, because I just couldn't do anything!  At 8 weeks, the symptoms stopped.  I felt like something wasn't right, but I figured I was just getting over the initial sickness.

In April, I was almost 14 weeks pregnant and started spotting.  It was really light, really brown, but it was there.  I spotted before my first miscarriage, and never spotted while pregnant with Little Man.  So I was scared!  I went to the ER (in our tiny little town).  I asked for an ultrasound, I was told they don't do one unless there is a chance of an ectopic pregnancy.  I didn't even get in a hospital gown, they didn't take blood, they didn't take a urine sample... they found the heartbeat, did an internal exam, and sent me home.  They said "take it easy," "everything is fine!"  Okay...
The next day, I was cramping but not spotting anymore.  The Mr. went on a week long business trip, so I packed up Little Man, my dog, and drove to my parents (3 hours away) to stay for the week.  When I got to their house, I went to the bathroom and there was bright red blood! 
I went directly to the ER.
It was a different world here!  They put me in a hospital gown, hooked me up to an IV, got a urine sample, did an ultrasound... I was there a long time, but they did everything!  When I saw the ultrasound, I told my mom (who was with me), something is wrong.  The baby is too small.
I was right.  I had miscarried.  The baby was only measuring 9 weeks and there was no heartbeat.  I was soooo mad!  What the heck had the tiny town ER heard?!  They told me THE DAY BEFORE they heard the heartbeat!  And everything was fine!  IT WASN'T!!

The Mr was out of town, so I called him, in tears.  The nurses at the ER were really nice, and really understanding.  They got me in with a doctor the next day to do a D&C... which was nice, since I wasn't a patient in that town. 

My dad was with me when I got the news (mom went to their house to put Little Man to bed).  I felt broken.  I got to my parents and sat in the shower and cried until I couldn't get anything else out.

The next morning (early!) I went back to the hospital and got the D&C.  The procedure itself was fast, easy, I don't remember any of it.  They put me to sleep.  The recovery was long... I think I bled for about 3/4 weeks afterwards.  And it was a lot of bleeding. 

We got a bill for our copay from the tiny town ER, and disputed it.  I mean, they didn't do ANYTHING even after I asked for an ultrasound, they "found" a heartbeat, and they told me it was all okay.  All wrong.  They dismissed the bill.
After that the Mr. put in for a transfer, and we moved two months after that.  To a bigger city!

I don't even think I can compare the 1st miscarriage I had to the 2nd, except to say, that this one really broke me. 

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