Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wow, I'm back!

I have been MIA for quite awhile now!  And I have been through a lot!  But I am going to try to keep up with this blog again!  I really miss it!  So here is what's been going on since last time I blogged:
  • We moved!  From Alabama back to North Carolina (where I am from!)  We transferred with the Mr's job in April 2011.
  • Little man had his 1st birthday September 23, 2011!  It was a beach theme (since we now lived near the coast).
  • We spent lots of time at the beach... it was only 1 hour away!
  • Holidays were awesome, we got to see tons of family!
  • After Little Man's birthday, I stopped breastfeeding, and we played the "what happens happens" card as far as trying for baby #2
  • December 2011 I was real crampy and figured, maybe my period????
  • Beginning of January 2012 I started my period!  All on my own!!  Whoa!  Which meant that the cramps in Dec were me ovulating!  Go body!
  • February I had no clue if I ovulated or not... couldn't tell.
  • End of Feb, we went to a fertility specialist to get the process started for #2
  • SURPRISE I'm pregnant!
  • March/April, I was super nauseous!  A welcome sickness.  It was amazing that I ovulated all on my own, and got pregnant all on my own! 
  • Mid April, spotting.  Confirmed miscarriage... D&C... =(  I was 14 weeks, baby measured 9 weeks
  • May/June- moved again.  (long story, I will do a post)
  • June, started my period! 
  • July...
here we are... that is just an overview... I will have to do a couple detailed posts.  But yes, I had another miscarriage.  Now, I am planning the Mr's birthday (next week), then mine (August), then my Little Man will be 2 in September!! 

Nice to be back!  I've missed you girls!

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