Monday, January 4, 2010

Going to the doctor

Well, I think I may be getting a little better....
I am at work right now. My boss did kindly let me know that I need to go to the doctor so I don't "infect anyone else". Isn't she sweet? So I have an appointment this afternoon. It is tough explaining to the office that no I am not taking anything to make this horrid cold go away. Because I don't want to say, I'm trying to make a baby here and I just can't take it. Instead I just look dumb for not trying to get myself better. Oh well, we'll see what the doc says this afternoon.

So, I have really tried to keep my mind off this two week wait. As you all know, that's easier said than done! My abdomen and back are sore, but I think it's mainly because I keep coughing so hard! (it's too early for symptoms anyway) I have been asking God to keep my mind busy. I know that for a lot of people it takes multiple IUI's before they conceive. And for some it never works. And others it works on the first try. The Mr. and I are both praying that if is in God's will to please let us become pregnant with a healthy child! That would definitely be the perfect way to start the year!


  1. I hope the doc can give you something to help you feel better! People always tell me that the 2ww is so early that the baby's not going to be harmed, but I endured a cold last year without NyQuil for the same reason you are! I just can't bear to think that it'd harm the baby in any way!!

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