Monday, January 11, 2010


I have been trying to stay under the radar during this 2 week wait. I am trying so hard to just relax and let God handle things. I am now 11 dpo. I want to test sooo bad! I am even scared to write the symptoms I'm having. I am really just trying to guard my heart. A few days ago I thought for sure that it didn't work, but now I am getting small glimmers of hope. That scares me!! My boobs are super sore, I am having cramping/heavy feeling in my abdomen, and I am tasting metal?? I know I've heard that this is a symptom, and I swear I'm not making it up. It's the weirdess thing!

Should I test tomorrow??? I know I should probably wait until Wednesday, and then I have an appointment on Thursday so, I might as well wait until then....

In church yesterday the preacher preached on prayer. I feel that my prayer life is pretty good. I mean I pray everyday. It, of course, could be better. I think that the Mr. and I have become much better at praying since we have been struggling with infertility. It seems that when you want something SOO bad, you somehow become great at praying. I have decided to make a conscious effort, that once we do get pregnant we continue our strong prayers. It really does make a difference.

Right now my prayer is that God give me peace about the end of this 2 ww. I could easily drive myself crazy :)


  1. Your symptoms sound so promising and since you don't want to get too excited, I'll be excited for you! :D
    I would test tomorrow for sure!

  2. Oh, the dreaded TWW. I'm praying for you! I hope you get that BFP this week!

  3. I will pray that you have peace right now, too! And, since God wants us to be bold, that we'll both get BFP's at the end of our 2ww's this time! ;-) Keep us posted!