Thursday, March 18, 2010

13 Weeks

My appointment this morning went wonderful! As soon as we were in a room we got to hear the heartbeat! What a beautiful sound! Every once in a while you'd hear a little bump, the nurse said it was the baby kicking! haha It was so funny!

I have gained 2 pounds since last time I was there (4 weeks ago). We have the anatomy a.k.a. find-out-what-we're-having appointment on May 6th. YAY!

I just feel so grateful that everything was good! It was so reassuring to hear that heartbeat! And I am almost out of 1st trimester! I have most of my energy back, which is awesome! and I still have not been sick... so I am thinking I am good to go!

During my bible study the other night I came across this verse:
"Don't be afraid, just believe" (Mark 5:36)
I thought, okay. I won't be afraid anymore. I can't spend my time worrying if this little baby is still doing okay. I just have to believe that he/she is and let God do His job. So, there. That's what I'm going to do (okay, I am going to try to do that. Try really, really hard!)


  1. Glad your appt. went well!!! Its always nice to hear your little one's heartbeat:)

    Also can't wait for May 6th to get here & find out what your having!!! That will be a fun Appt. for sure:)

    Take care,

  2. Awesome! I need to remember that verse too. My MIL made me promise that if we heard a heartbeat yesterday that I would stop worrying about this pregnancy. I'm giving it my best shot! :-)

  3. So glad that your appointment went well! :)

    Happy 13 Weeks!

  4. All such great news! I'm so glad to hear that Baby is doing good. Do you have another appt between now and your 5/6 scan? Just believe, I like that. Just a month or so until you'll probably feel Baby wiggling and then you get proof every day that everything is good- it's a stress life saver! I'm so excited for you :)

  5. Glad your appointment went well. When I finally get pregnant, hearing the heartbeat is one of the things I am most excited for!