Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Paranoia

So I am having cramps.
Is this normal? I really haven't cramped much.
This morning I laid on the couch, and turned to pet my dog and felt a twinge. Nothing major, I just laid back down and was fine.
After getting to work I have had mild cramps all morning. I don't feel bad, so I don't think it's what the Mr. has. They feel more like I worked out and now I'm kind of achy.
Maybe I should just call the nurse. I have my appointment on Thursday.
I wish I could just go home and lay on the couch!


  1. Feel closely next time you get one and try your best to discern whether one of three types of cramps 1)period type of cramps, like internal 2) uterine stretching or growth pains 3) musculoskeletal (like the workout pain you discussed, or you slept weird or laid on the couch too long). No need to fear unless it's period type of cramps. Good luck!!

  2. More than likely, it's stretching pains. If you sit too long, move too fast, lay wrong, you get these pulling pains, almost like a rough workout. I still get them and I'm almost 20 weeks.

  3. Ditto to what Wifey said...I got those type of cramps for the longest time (and still do occasionally if I get up too quickly or turn suddenly). Trying to be more deliberate in my movement and drinking lots of extra water helped me (sometimes even the most minor dehydration can cause cramps). Of course, that will make you pee even more... :P

    If you're still concerned though, don't hesitiate to call your doctor...that's what they are there for!!

    Praying for you. Let us know how you're feeling now, okay?

  4. Hope the cramping stops. Saying a prayer for you. Keep us updated!

  5. I have had cramping throughout my first trimester, and even after. I just was noticing today that it's been about a week of no cramps (15wks).. Mine have varied from period like cramps to more faint cramps and everything in btwn. Generally they go away within an hr or two, and drinking water and lying down helps me. The doctor advised that if it lasted more than 4 hrs to give them a ring. For me it's never lasted that long.
    Hope you feel better soon!