Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Much better!

I caved and called the nurse yesterday soon after I posted.
She asked me tons of questions (bleeding? no. burning when urinate? no. urinating more frequently? no.) I told her I was probably being dramatic but since I had not been cramping, it had me concerned. She went ahead and let me come in and did a urine test. She was looking for the beginning of a uti. They are sending it off to culture. I am much better though! I started feeling better once I was home and relaxed. Then today, I'm good to go.

Hopefully it was just stretching, making room for the babe. I go in on Thursday for my 13 (thirteen!!! wow!) week appointment. I will feel better once they let me hear that wonderful little heartbeat!

I did get a call this morning about my bloodwork. - I went and had my 1st tri bloodwork done last Friday - Everything looked great! She said that all the tests they ran came back just the way they should! I have no clue what tests they did, but boy am I glad they came back okay! :)

Thanks ladies for your prayers yesterday! I don't know how not to worry when I get twinges or anything out of the ordinary!

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