Monday, March 1, 2010


I know, I know I have been a SLACKER!! Work has been so busy lately, then this weekend my mom and aunt came to visit... I have just been busy!

When my mom and aunt got here and I picked them up from the airport, my aunt told me she had some books for me. She has a daughter (that's 6 years older than me) that has 2 kids and one on the way. My aunt also told me she had a fetal monitor!! I was SOOO excited to try it! When I got home I laid down and tried to hear the heartbeat. I thought I did, but I lost it right after I found it. This is by no means a high tech gadget. It has earphones so only one person can hear at a time. By yesterday The Mr. and I sat down and we definitely heard it!!! It was SO exciting! We had debated about renting one... but I think you need a prescription or something... anyway it was so much fun!

My aunt is a big shopper! I am not!! But she told me to find some consignment shops in the area because they usually have really good deals on baby/kid outfits. We ended up going to 2 that are pretty close to my house, and wow was she right! I didn't buy anything yet, but I am definitely going back!

It was so great to see some of my family! I miss them so much!

As far as me... I'm still doing great! I am still tired, but really having no other major symptoms. I am getting "thicker" though! Really I wish I would just get a big ole belly bump instead of this in between! haha! I think people are questioning if I'm getting fat or if I'm pregnant! And I still feel like it's too early to get maternity pants! I might have to break down in the next week or so though!

I hate that I've been such a slacker! I can't wait to go through and see what you girls have been up to!


  1. So glad you're doing well! I'm still praying for you and your little one!

  2. So great that you got to hear the baby's heartbeat. I'm sure that was awesome. Praying for you all!

  3. I'm so glad to hear that everything is going well still. :-) Did you know you can buy a doppler at Babies R Us? It's pretty reasonably priced, too! Just something to look into.

  4. I bet it was amazing to hear the heartbeat. Glad you are feeling well. :)

  5. I was thinking about you just the other day and was wondering how you and the little one were doing. :)

    So glad to know that things are going well! Hope you enjoyed your time with your family...and DO check out those consignment shops and sales. I Go.ogled 'consignment sales' and my city and found some big once a year type sales here that were super. We have found some GREAT deals at places like that.

    I know what you're saying about getting 'thicker'. I didn't love that stage...I just felt FAT instead of pregnant. Don't'll pass. Then when you bend over and can't breathe or touch your toes, you'll want to just look fat again. :)

    Love and hugs and prayers for you, my friend!

  6. Buy the mat pants if you are uncomfortable, there are a bunch at gap including real waist ones that fit fab (links on my blog) and look like cute regular pants.