Thursday, June 17, 2010


So, I am seriously considering cloth diapering.

I have been thinking about it for a while, but just recently started researching it. And honestly, it doesn't seem like it would be too bad. I have a girlfriend here that uses Bum Genius All in One's and loves them. After talking with her and then researching it, I figured I would go with those. Then I talked to another girlfriend from back home (8 hours away, so sad.) and she uses Flips All in one System. So I started researching those, and they seem like a better fit for me. I like the idea of having to just change the inserts versus having to change the entire diaper each time.

Do any of you have any input on cloth?


  1. First, I wouldn't want to discourage anyone from doing what they want with their own baby. But this is what I have found. I considered it for a while and then I read in a bunch of places that it is a tradeoff for environmental impact because of the washing. Then just today I heard on NPR that a cloth diaper has a bigger carbon footprint than the disposables it replaces over its lifetime. There may be a cost savings with cloth in the long run though. These are just the things I have learned!

  2. I am planning on giving it a try and am quite excited about it! I have learned a LOT from the Cloth Diaper board on Baby Center.

    I did not invest in a lot of one diaper because everyone is different and likes different kinds. I plan to start after 6 weeks and then I have some BG AIO, Flips and prefolds with covers to begin. These are all one size or size small. For med. I have a few BG AIOs and then the Flips and a few misc. ones that I want to try (cutie poops and BSRB and Thirsties). Once I find what I like I will invest in those and sell the rest. I figure if I hate it I can always recoup most of my money by selling them.

    I am still going to use disposables too, mainly when we are out and about. I am doing cloth more for financial reasons than environmental reasons.

  3. We are going to be cloth diapering - I'm actually really excited about it! We haven't decided on a brand or type yet, but here is what we have so far:

    1 BumGenius AIO - these are the best for being on the go, because you just take them off and replace them like a regular diaper. But they take forever to dry when washed (so I've heard) so we probably won't use them too often.

    1 BumGenius Pocket - these are a favorite of many because the insert separates from the diaper itself and washes/dries more quickly. The insert is put into a "pocket" of the diaper for the absorbancy. Each time you use it, the diaper and the insert have to be replaced. I'm not sold on these because it seems like a lot of replacing. I think I'm going to like the following diapers better.

    7 GroBaby Diapers - there are several types out there like these. Flips, as you mentioned, and then GDiapers as well. I think these are going to be my favorite diapers. They have cloth inserts that lay on TOP of the diaper instead of going into a pocket. As long as there isn't a big mess, you can simply replace the insert instead of the whole diaper and be on your way! There are also disposable inserts for when you are out and about - the GroBaby and GDiaper inserts can be flushed, the Flips have to be thrown away (I believe).

    Prefolds and covers - many like these, especially for newborns. I haven't gotten any yet, but I probably will just to see how I do in folding the diaper and then securing it and putting on a cover. These are like your "old school" diapers as I call them - the cloth that gets folded up around the baby, and then you have cute waterproof covers you put on them. Many people think they are great for newborns because they can be tailored to their size very well. But there are other newborn sizes in other diapers as well.

    Something else to consider - One Size verses Sized. One Size diapers shrink down to infant and go up all the way to toddlers. This is great as they will last you longer. The sized is sometimes necessary for infants, though, as even the smallest size on the One Size isn't small enough for their little bodies. Some One Size diapers are coming out with that, though.

    I've heard that getting a sprayer for your toilet to spray off the excess mess into the toilet is the way to go - then you can put the diaper into the diaper pail and do your wash every other day or so without the smell building up, etc.

    Since my little one isn't here yet and won't be until November, I can't say which is my favorite. I have friends who like all different ones and they each have their favorites! Anywho...good luck deciding! I hope some of that helps a little! :)

  4. Hey,
    I've never tried them but I'm planning on trying with this little one (due Sept 23). I hear you can't know which ones work best until your baby arrives and you can try a few different kinds out. We have a store nearby that has a rental program where you can try them out for a few weeks before purchasing anything.
    I have a really hard time believing that cloth diapers leave a bigger carbon footprint than plastic diapers. 1. you can use them for more than 1 child 2. you only have to do a wash every 2-3 days (and with a new baby you are constantly doing a wash anyways) and 3. In the United States AlONE 16 billion soiled diapers are deposited into landfills EVERY YEAR and can take 200-500 years to decompose.

    So applause to all of you who are atleast giving reusable a try!! Even if you switch between reusable and Pampers, you are still making a difference!
    Elise from Canada*