Friday, June 11, 2010


So, my job is really inconviencing me...
does anyone else have this problem?
I really feel like I have so many other things I NEED (okay... maybe it's more of a want than a need) to be doing. I am really not happy with my job right now anyway, and that makes it soooo much harder to be motivated! While I'm here I think of all the stuff that I could be doing if I wasn't here. But then when I get off, I wonder around lost because I can't figure out what I really need to do.

I sound like a crazy person, right?! :) I really want to finish the nursery, but I should wait until the showers to see what I get first. In my mind, the Mr. and I have budgeted for everything we need, so I really could just go out and get it... but I'm trying to be patient!

My boss keeps asking me if I have inquired about short-term disablity. I have no idea why she is so obsessed with me finding out about this. Where I work is small (only 8 employees) and I don't know recently of anyone having to take maternity leave or anything, so maybe she is just curious. She also crosses lines... (this may turn into a vent, I apoligize in advance!) when I first told her I was pregnant she asked, "so what do you think you'll do? Do you think you'll come back?" Is that even a legal question to ask??? I anticipate her pulling me in her office when the time gets closer and asking me again what I am doing. I really don't know. If I left, how do I go about that?? Anyone have experience? I figured it would just be not coming back from maternity leave...

Anyway, I guess I should get motivated and get some work done! Just needed to get that off my mind!

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  1. She's probably asking you about short-term disability because that IS the 'paid maternity leave' policy at most small businesses... similar to mine. They have no maternity leave except through that.... and if you aren't under the program, then you have to default to any unused vacation or personal days--and then the rest of your time off would be unpaid. I'd try to talk to your HR representative or director as soon as possible, to figure all that stuff out now---you and the Mr. don't want any unexpected (and bad) surprises in that area.
    Praying for everything to go well with you and your little one!