Monday, June 7, 2010

Done with the test.

Well I went ahead and got the 3 hour test over with on Saturday morning. The Mr. was so super sweet. He insisted that he go with me ("I want to be there through everything" he said. aww) He had the bright idea of bringing our laptop, earphones, and a movie. So in between getting stuck, we watched Sherlock Holmes. It REALLY helped pass the time! And the drink this go around was way worse! But at least I'm done. Now I'm just waiting to hear the results...
Say a quick prayer! Thanks :)

I guess I really didn't go into much else of my appointment last week. I was just so bummed (and surprised) at the glucose test. My belly was measuring 24 1/2 inches (I was exactly 24 weeks), I have gained 16 pounds... they said that was good. Kinda freaks me out though. And to think I haven't even gained the bulk of it! It's okay though, as long as the baby is healthy and happy! The heartrate was 160, the nurse said he was moving around a lot and that can increase the heartrate. Oh, and next visit we are doing the 4D pictures!! I can't wait! I know some people don't like to see their baby until he/she is born, but I don't care!!! I am sooo excited! It will be on the 30th.

I tend to stress when things aren't going according to my plan (yeah, I know I can hear God laughing too... "my" plan, riiight). So when the dr. said I may have gestational diabetes, I kinda freaked. I went straight to the store to look for "good" foods. I honestly have no idea what I would even have to change, I just knew that I would need to stay away from sugars and sat. fats. So... among other things, I found Triskets. I have had them before, but the rosemary/olive oil... wow! SOOO good! I seriously am almost done with the first box!

So, now I just wait... hopefully they will call with my results soon!


  1. Praying for great results!

    P.S. If you like pepper, try the Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil Triskets. They're yummy!

  2. Also Praying for Great Results!!!

    And I Can't Wait to see your 4D Ultra Sound Pics!!! I Love Mine!!! And I'm so Glad I decided to have them done:) Its amazing How they are so detailed and you can see so many details in their little faces SO EARLY!! It's Amazing to Me!!

    I hope Baby cooperates, and you get some Great Pics;) I'll def be checking in to see!