Wednesday, June 23, 2010


No, let's make that exhausted!

Yesterday it hit me - I had been going and going for over a week... and I was just worn out! I got home from work and laid on the couch. Then decided I better shower or else I won't have the energy! After I got out, I started having some lower abdomen cramps. Nothing too bad, but still... they were there. I was also really shaky. Does anyone else get this? I get it mainly when I need to eat...

Anyway, I ate dinner and then we and laid back on the couch. Still having off and on cramps. But my boy was kicking like crazy, so that reassured me that he is still doing well in there! At about 8 (yes, eight p.m.) I went to bed. I am telling you I was exhausted!

This morning, I figured I would feel better... but I am still so tired! Maybe I got too much sleep... maybe it's just because I am pregnant. I still was having some cramps so I made the decision to call the doctor. Rather be safe than sorry, right.

Of course, now I am not having cramps anymore... but I am still so tired! I would just feel better having my doctor say, it's nothing to worry about! Little man is still kicking me, so that's good :) (this is about to be tmi! just to warn you) I also have been having more discharge than normal. It isn't a crazy amount, but anytime there is anything a little different, I feel the need to question it!

So, I'm just waiting on the return call from the nurse now.

Oh- and I got a pediatrician set up! They called this morning to confirm that the Dr I wanted will accept our boy! Yay! Cross that off the list!

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  1. I have done well this whole pregnancy and have not suffered with fatigue. Then the third trimester hit and holy cow! I am exhausted!!!! Hope you feel well rested today!