Sunday, June 13, 2010

My hubby

So Father's Day is coming up... I really want to get the Mr. something. He did such a good job and got me earrings for Mother's Day. When I google "gifts for expectant fathers" the things that come up are: books, shirts, and baby carriers. Oh and a diaper bag for guys. um... no.

I did get him a book. I don't remember the name of it, but it is about parenting - but it is humorous. And it was like $10. The Mr. doesn't like to wear shirts that have writing on the front, and (no offense anyone!) but some of the parent shirts are cheesy. We already have a baby carrier (actually two that were given to us). And a diaper bag - he wouldn't like that. What in the world should I get him?

I thought about maybe getting him a toy or something that he can play with our son after he is born. hmm... just thought I'd see if anyone else had any ideas... I'm running out of time!

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  1. I got my husband and my soon to be born son a matching tie set! I thought these would be so cute for church. It is actually a nice design he would wear. I hope this helps! I am sure he will love whatever you give him.