Thursday, August 13, 2009

A bit of a vent...

I am so frustrated!! I can't help it. The more I think about my "syndrome" the more frustrated I get! I should just be thankful that I got pregnant on the FIRST egg that I have ovulated in over 10 years! But at the same time, it frustrates me that it is soo hard to get me to ovulate. I almost laugh when I look back at how naive I was when I first got off the pill! It was supposed to be easy! I hate this!

I look at some moms out there that didn't even want kids, or have kids and don't take care of them! What the heck?! Why is it that 2 loving people that WANT children just can't have them?! On top of that, when I look at ways to increase ovulation in people with PCOS - do you know what the solution is? Loose weight. Well, I am 5'2 and weight 110 pounds. So, um, no, that won't be happenin.

One day I feel like - I'm over it, I am fine and dandy and it will happen when it is supposed to. Then other days (today) I feel like - This is NEVER going to happen and I want it to SO bad!

....Deep breath.... and now I feel guilty for even thinking that way at all! I just want to curl up in bed and sleep away the day. I know a girl that is 25 that is battling breast cancer right now, I have a cousin that is battling seizures, there are people at The Mr.'s job that are dealing with death, I should be SO thankful for what I DO have. and I am. I truly am blessed.

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