Monday, August 31, 2009

Please continue

I had my appointment this morning. The ultrasound showed that I have a couple follicles that seem to be getting bigger (yay) but they aren't big enough (aww). The nurse said that she figured I would have a couple more days to do the shots.

They called this afternoon after reviewing my bloodwork, and said, please continue.

I figured.

On the phone the nurse said that my estrogen level is going up, so the Dr. thought it would be within the next couple days. I go back on Wednesday morning. That is good! At least I'm making some progress! Let's think positive people!

On another note: I feel so blessed to have insurance!!! Thank you God for providing us with that! I only paid a copay on my first visit to the RE, and since then $0, nada, nothing. On my Metformin - $4, yep Four Dollars. And on the Menopur I have a $60 copay, reguardless of how much I get. I know I have read some blogs out there that everything is out of pocket. We just wouldn't be able to do that. The RE visits alone are around $300 each time - and I obviously go a lot! Insurance is a big ole pain (I used to work at an insurance agency) but when you need it, it sure does come in handy!

Two more days of shots... and I am doing well with it. I am in the mind set of "one day at a time" and that really helps.

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