Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My appointment!

Yesterday I called to make an appointment with my RE. The nurse on the phone said that we should wait until I started my period before I came in - so they could start a "fresh cycle". Well, Ms. Nurse... I haven't started my period without drugs since I was 15! So she said, Oh in that case how's tomorrow morning? Haha!

So this morning, bright and early, I went in to have the normal: bloodwork and ultrasound. It is amazing how comfortable I am with these ultrasounds now... Anyway, they did the ultrasound and she said, Girl I think you ovulated. Huh??? Or else it is just leftover from the enormous follicle I had last month. She said my bloodwork would confirm which it was.

If I did ovulate - then we would just wait until I started a period (or see if I was pregnant! please, o please!!) but if it was just a follicle dissipating, then I could start the lovely injections right away.

The doctor actually came in too - most of the time I don't even see him. He just wanted to see if I had any questions/concerns. He said that I am "past the hump" because I did get pregnant - and that is HUGE! I just have to keep reminding myself that I can get pregnant... now I just have to stay that way! He said that this was a "great prognosis", so that made me feel better too.

Now I am just waiting on the phone call with instructions on the next step!

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