Thursday, September 24, 2009

My appointment

Well I had my RE appointment this morning. They did an ultrasound and saw that my follicles have gone down! YAY! There is one on my right ovary (about 15mm). I have always had one that just floats (?) around in there. It isn't attached to my ovary, so the doctor isn't worried about it. Sometimes it looks like it's on my ovary, sometimes it isn't... kinda weird, huh? Anyway, that's the only one they saw.

The doctor actually came in and talked to me too. (Is it this way for any of you? Most of the time I go in and the nurse does my bloodwork and ultrasound, then they call me later that afternoon and let me know what the dr said. On rare occasions the doctor actually comes in and talks with me. So, today he did.) He said that since my last cycle took about 13 days of injections before I was ready for the trigger, he might up my dosage of Menopur. He is very conscious of not wanting me to over-stimulate, so he would have me come back next week if that's what we do. I am hoping that I can do the upped dosage so that my cycle is shorter :)

I am ready to get this started again!! I am thinking positive - it will work this time! (If only that's all it took) I am just waiting to get the call from the nurse with my instructions.

But if we hope for what is still unseen by us, we wait for it with patience and composure. (Romans 8:25)


  1. I've been reading some of your old posts and I can see that we have a lot in common. PCOS causes me not to ovulate too, and I also don't have any weight to lose. I've been told I (probably) don't need Metformin because they don't think I'm insulin resistant (based on my weight). Has it been bad to take? I have heard that it makes some people feel sick.

    Clomid got me to ovulate once and I got pregnant (m/c) but the same dose won't work since. Frustrating.

    Hopefully your docs have you on the right track! Good luck with starting again!

  2. Good luck with a new cycle! I am also doing an injectibles cycle (my first!) starting next week. :)