Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Counting down days

Two more days until I go in for my appointment. It is sooo hard not to wish away your days, looking forward to something else!

I have been feeling a little crampy lately. That's good right? That means there is something going on in there! I am soo hoping that there are some follicles big enough to trigger! The Mr. has a thing for work this weekend. He'll be gone from Friday until Sunday. So... if I did trigger Thursday night, I already told him to be prepared to have to come home either Friday night or Saturday at some point! Thankfully he can. So, that's one less thing to stress over!

Last night I had a really hard time with the injections. I don't know why... I've been doing pretty well with them. I think I got too cocky :) I always try to do it in around the same spot every night, I guess because I know it doesn't hurt there. I have done it too low before, and it hurt so freakin bad! So, now I have a small bruise on the right side of my stomach... it was that sides turn and I couldn't decide where to do it without doing it right on the bruise! Crazy, I know. I put WAAAYY too much thought into it! So (after like 30 min. in the bathroom - seriously) I ended up doing it on the other side again.

Only 2 more nights and then my appointment. That's what I keep saying! There is so much waiting with infertility!

"Be still, and know that I am God..." (Psalm 46:10)


  1. Patience sucks! And IF just makes it worse. Hang in there! I'm sending positive thoughts and prayers your way for some big follies to trigger!!!

  2. My fingers are crossed for a good appointment. I so know how it is to want the days to fly by to get to what you want. I've been having issues all week with that.