Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day one

Thanks for the support and sweet comments ladies!

I am now officially cycle day 1. Soon after I posted the last post I started packing to get ready to make the 8 hour drive back home from visiting the parents. Annnnd..... the cramps started. Full force. I just knew. So that made for an extra fun drive home. I am now on the couch with my heating bag.

I will make an appointment for Tuesday, but everytime I go in for my after-the-two-week-wait- appointment, my follies are always extra large and I have to wait at least a week before I can start another cycle. So.... this would mean I would have to sit December out. The Mr will be going out of town 4 days before me for Christmas, which means a week and a half that we will be out of town. That sucks.

Anyway, I know the good Lord has a plan. I am still throwing this to Him, I definitely can't handle it on my own!

Good luck to you ladies still in your wait out there!!


  1. I'm so sorry. :-( God does have great plans for you, though. I'll be praying for the time to pass quickly for you and for you to feel at peace during your wait to start a new cycle.


  2. {{{HUGS}}} I am sorry that the last cycle did not work. Praying that the next one will be successful.

  3. Sorry you're going to miss a cycle, what a bummer. But if there's ever a month to do it in, December would be it! Holiday distractions will be helpful, and it might even make for a more merry season to enjoy it without TTC stress. Sorry about the bad drive home. UGH.

  4. Glad she finally showed, but boo that it means missing a cycle.

  5. Ugh, so sorry about CD1!! I'll be praying that your follies are quiet and small when you go for your u/s so you don't have to sit out this month!