Monday, November 16, 2009


I am triggering tonight! Yay!

I had my doctors appointment this morning. I haven't really been feeling "full" so I didn't think that I would be ready to trigger. On the ultrasound the nurse said I had 5 or 6 follicles around 13/14 mm, and then I had one at 18 mm.

When they called this afternoon (after reviewing bloodwork and talking with the doctor) the nurse told me that my estradiol level was 388, which she said was encouraging. If it were much higher they would be a little worried. That would mean that all of the follicles that were growing would probably mature. Since it was 388 that ment that not all of them were mature. Since I have one at 18, the doctor wants me to go ahead and trigger tonight. If I were to do more of the Menopur, it might cause the other 5 or 6 to mature and therefore cause much worry of having multiples.

Does that make sense to anyone other than me?! :)

The nurse said that the doctor feels okay for me to trigger tonight, but since there is a chance of multiples that it was up to me/us. Obviously I am okay with that!
(sidenote: I feel that all of us doing all the fertility treatments are pretty much aware of multiples)

So... tonight's the night! Yay! Then the dreaded 2ww. But at least Thanksgiving is next week... sooo I will be enjoying time at home with my family! That will for sure take my mind of the wait :)


  1. Best of luck! I hope your 2ww flies by (fat chance but we'll hope anyway)!

  2. Hoping that this is IT for you!!!

  3. Awesome! Good luck with this cycle! It's half over :)

  4. Hope the trigger went well! I'll be praying that your 2WW doesn't torture you and just flies by. Fingers crossed!!!

  5. I hope the trigger went well! Here's to a fast 2ww for you :) Hopefully I'll get my BFP this weekend and give you some hope!! ;-)