Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekend's here!!

THANK YOU! You ladies are awesome! I really appreciate the comments from my last post! Even though it isn't good news, I really just want the truth :) I feel better about things today. A good friend reminded me, all this is going to be SOO worth it! And she's right!

I agree with some of you guys, I have no clue why my doctor is doing the HSG now instead of at the beginning? But I have heard cases of women becoming pregnant after these because they kind of "cleared the way". I guess the doctor was just trying to get me to ovulate first (?) since I didn't ovulate on the oral meds, and the first cycle with injections I became pregnant - it obviously worked, and now I guess he is just wanting to make sure that everything is okay. So - whatever. I have prayed that God give the doctor wisdom in my situation because I will do what the doctor says.

Last night the Menopur went well. I mean, don't get me wrong, it still sucks, but I did it with ease. Guess I am getting used to it. I am still nervous about the HSG, but I gotta do what I gotta do, right? The Mr. asked if he should come with me? I told him no, but did your husbands go with you? And the nurse said I could come back to work afterwards. I am planning on it, but after hearing some of your comments, I'm not sure I will feel like it.

I am debating on what to tell my boss too. She has no idea that we are going through through this. I would rather not get into that with her though. I work in a really small office, and I just want to keep my personal life out of it. I figured I would just tell her I have a procedure and will be gone a couple hours. I will let her know it's not a big deal, and hopefully she won't press the issue.

Well, TGIF! Soooo happy it's Friday! AND it's supposed to be beautiful outside!
Happy Weekend!


  1. My Hubby came with my for my HSG. I had it done at a radiology clinic and I had to convince them that he had every right to be in there. And although it wasn't all too bad, everything was clear. But I had myself all worked up about it and my blood pressure surged. It made me feel very ill, dizzy, and nauseated. I was thankful that Hubby was there with me. In reality, the procedure is quick and mildly uncomfortable. But I did take the whole day off from work.

  2. My hubby came with me, too, because I'd read some horror stories of passing out, etc., but I was fine to drive home, etc.

    As for what to tell your boss, maybe you could just say you have to visit the "lady doctor, for a checkup" which is sort of true, and it's not something that would seems suspicious?

    I hope you're one of the people who gets pg shortly after the HSG!