Sunday, November 29, 2009

This is weird

First of all, we had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! I absolutely LOVE being around my family!

Second... I am about 11 DPO today. Normally I start my period around 11-12 DPO (I know it seems early, but that's when it happens). I have mentioned that I have felt no symptoms this cycle. Well about 4 days ago my boobs started getting sore. They have stayed this way. I, of course, started hoping that this was it.

Normally when I start my period I get cramps from hell! I am talking close to tears, bent over, heating pad all day, popping Advil type of cramps. So, yesterday I went to the bathroom and saw a light brown. Dangit, I just knew I was going to start. My mom and I went to the mall, and when I got home there was a little more of the brown, but after that, nothing. I have had no cramps either. Isn't this weird?!

I want SOOOOO bad for this cycle to work, but after that episode yesterday my hope has been crushed. Could it still even be possible? I wanted to test today, just to see, but I chickened out. I have to go to the dr. on Tuesday anyway.

Last night I just cried and cried into the Mr's arms. I am so sad that I think this cycle didn't work - I am probably going to have to take a break since the holidays would be in the middle of the next cycle (we will be out of town). And I am so sad to be leaving my family. We really need to move closer!


  1. There is still some hope if she doesn't come. good luck!

  2. Oh I hope it worked. The spotting could totally be implantation. 10dpo would be about right on. I really hope that's what it was. :)

  3. The boobs thing is a good sign, and light spotting, especially brown in color, is actually super common among preggo ladies. I'd say test! It sounds like you are already pretty miserable about the non-official result, so it could only get better if you test, right? Whatever you decide, good luck. I'd say definitely don't count yourself out yet!