Thursday, November 12, 2009

Keep on, keepin on

I went back to the RE this morning, and just as I suspected - not too much going on. I think the doctor is scared to bump me up to the 112 IU because he doesn't want me overstimulated. Which is fine, BUT that just means I have to do the shot of 75 IU for longer. Blah.

Oh well though... I only have 4 more days to do the shot and then I go back in Monday morning. Hopefully I can trigger Monday night!

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  1. My RE told me that an increased dosage typically just increases the # of follicles, not how fast you respond. So I would probably tend to trust his being cautious- I can't even imagine the frustration of people who have their IUI/cycle's cancelled because they have like 10 follies!! I sure hope this cycle is IT for you!!! Will be praying for you and for me!