Thursday, November 5, 2009

My new plan

My appointment went well today. Everything was quiet and back to being "normal" size. I asked the nurse what she thought our next step might be... I was inquiring about and IUI. She said she would ask the doctor and see what he thought.

I just got a call on my lunch break. She said that everything looked great and I could go ahead and start 75 IU of the Menopur tonight and continue until next Thursday morning when I have another appointment. She also said that the doctor wants to do a HSG on me.

Is this crazy? I know I have read that many of you ladies have had this done, but normally it seems like it is done at the beginning of the infertility - I am ovulating now so (to me) it seems like my tubes are open. The nurse said that this can be therapeutic even if my tubes are open, like if there is any mucus or anything it can clear out my tubes. The doctor just wants to make sure that everything is flowing, I guess. So I am having this procedure done next Wednesday.

I am really nervous about it! How bad does it hurt??? The nurse said I might feel some "discomfort" but I have read some experiences where it hurt. I have no clue what to expect - the nurse said it is only like a 5 minute procedure.

Then she told me that the doctor said that next cycle (if this one doesn't work) then he wants to try an IUI. So.... that's the plan. I am okay with things. Like I said I am nervous, but I like having plans :)

Please share some wisdom on this procedure with me!!! I think the fact that I know it will probably hurt is making me more nervous! I'm sure it's just a pinch, right??


  1. I don't want to scare you but I believe in people being prepared and not lying. I haven't had it done but my mom said it was by far the worst procedure she ever had. She says to ask the nurses and doctors who describe it as "discomfort" if they have ever had it done. I have seen that some people have taken big doses of ibuprofen before hand. Good luck and I hope it isn't too torturous and that you feel better quickly! (I also believe that if you expect the worst you are sometimes pleasantly surprised!)

  2. Actually, to be honest, I think they should have done the HSG before clomid. Just because you ovulate doesnt mean the egg makes it through the tube!! My RE wont give clomid (or anything else) unless they've done an HSG that shows at least one open tube.

    Mine definitely was more than just a pinch, but I didn't have to be in a wheelchair or anything!! I'd like to think of it as super bad cramps, like where I had to breathe deeply through them, etc. when they were injecting the dye. You'll get through it!!

  3. I've never had that procedure but I will definitely be praying for you! Glad your appt went so well today!

  4. That's weird that your dr. didn't do the HSG first. I'm not going to sugar coat it, the procedure feels like the worst cramps you'll ever have in your life. Luckily it's not a very long procedure. Good luck!! I'll be praying for you!

  5. When I had one it wasn't horrible. I took tylenol before going in and just felt mildly crampy afterwards.

  6. For me, it hurt, like terrible cramps. BUT, I have a tipped uterus, so it was difficult for the doc to get the catheter in the proper place. But once she got it in, I didn't feel a thing. Take ibuprofen (Advil, etc), that should help. It is kinda nice that they are doing this and helping you ovulate at the same time--seems to me it will save you time if your tubes are good. Good luck!