Tuesday, October 6, 2009

All things are possible

Not much new to report here... I am definitely having cramps still though (I am 3dpo). I could read into it all I want to, but it won't change the fact that I am not going to know anything for sure until next week. I feel really crampy and kinda bloated. Could just be how I am after I ovulated... could be that I am making a baby... *sigh* it's going to be a long 2 weeks...

It is sooo hard for me not to let my mind wander... I mean IF I was pregnant, then the holidays would be perfect time to tell the family, IF I was pregnant then when we go on our trip I would be 6 month, IF I was pregnant then I would be 7 months for my brothers wedding (possibly could still fit into the dress!), IF I was pregnant then I would have a summer baby, IF, IF, IF...

(side note, I just realized that the word "if" is also the abbreviation for infertility "IF" hmm...)

I was talking to the Mr. last night, and I just can't help it, my hopes are up really high this month. I know this could be a HUGE let down! I always try to talk myself out of it. But I just can't this time. At church awhile back the preacher spoke about how you should pray and expect it to happen. If you are praying for something that you don't think is possible what's the point (he didn't say it like that, that is just my summary :) ) "...With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." (Matthew 19:26)

So, I am hopeful, I will take the risk.


  1. Ugh, the two week wait is awful. I had the same thoughts on how great it would be able to tell family we were pregnant around the holidays. *fingers crossed that we both get too*

  2. ""...With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." (Matthew 19:26)"

    One of my favorite scriptures. :)

    I was cramping at 3dpo too. It frustrated me because what the hay could possibly be going on in there at 3 dpo??
    Anyway, fingers crossed for you!