Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have been very boring over here - sorry!
I was a total slacker in this months ICLW! I didn't realize that work was going to CONSUME me this week! Not only that, but I really have nothing new to report.

I need to make my doctors appointment for next week. It seems like f o r e v e r since I was there last! You get pretty used to going once (or twice) a week, so 3 weeks is a lifetime! I feel back to my "normal" self. No longer feeling cramps, or fat, or any of that. It's nice to know that "I" am still here :) I have been doing pretty good working out, I figure that should help my body cooperate!

I was looking forward to next week and if I start my injections on Thursday and if I only do them for about 7 days, then that would put my timing for ovulation around Friday the 13th (do de do de do). I am praying that it is God's will that we will conceive this next time! If all that worked out, then my 2ww would end while we are on Thanksgiving break (with my family! Yay!) Then if we did conceive then it would be just perfect, if we didn't then I might have to wait 3 more weeks for my follies to chill out (like this time) and that would put me on Christmas break...

All that to say that if it doesn't work this time, I will probably have to sit out next month just because of timing around the holidays. :(

Am I completely ridiculous for trying to PLAN so far ahead?! [Yes, yes you are.] But I just can't help it. I want to be a mom so bad! I just can't wait to be pregnant. I wish I had a way I could just do a sneek peak into the future just to see what God has in store for me/us. Then I could at least be prepared for it....


  1. I like to plan that far in advance too. Your not nutty. I haven't been to my RE for a long time as well - six weeks. It will feel weird going back.

  2. I'm a planner too! All the best :)

  3. I plan everything to death, girl...I just don't know how NOT to. :)

    Praying that your appointment goes well and that you get the news that you're so deperately wanting at the end of your TWW.

    And wouldn't be something if He would just give us a would probably just terrify me! :) Guess that's what faith is for...

  4. If you figure out a way to sneak peek PLEASE share! I am so right there with you!

    Praying for progress, I hope you get that BFP soon!