Friday, October 16, 2009

Follow up appointment

I went in this morning for my appointment. It was supposed to be my 2 week wait appointment - but it turned into my check bloodwork and hope it is at baseline appointment.

I did the normal - bloodwork and ultrasound. As soon as she got the wand inserted (oh how fun at 7:15 in the morning....) we saw HUGE follicles floating around. I mean they were enormous!! She said it looked like I had ovulated 7 of them - and now they are just hanging out. I was given a prescription for birth control pills. They will call me this afternoon to let me know for sure that I need them. I'm sure I do. The pills will help my body get back to "normal" and therefore, I can start the fun injections all over again.

I am trying not to get frusturated with this whole process. Actually just with dealing with infertility. I asked the nurse today - What else can I be doing to help this process along??? I know that some women with PCOS loose some weight, and they ovulate on their own. And others just start the Metformin and they ovulate. Me - nothing. She told me not to get frusturated. That "normal" couples with no problems, it sometimes takes up to a year to get pregnant. I have only been through 3 cycles and one of those 3 I became pregnant. So I shouldn't be frusturated (yet anyway).

On another note - the fact that she said "normal" couples, just about made me laugh. Guess I'm not "normal". I know what she ment, but seriously... I didn't take offense, I mean the Mr. and I joke all the time that we aren't normal :) It was just a funny way to say it.

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