Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This is my second time participating in ICLW. I love getting to know others out there that can relate and understand the infertility lingo!

Currently, I have just finished my 3 cycle with injections. I am now waiting on my follicles to go back down! They are HUGE, so in two more weeks, I have another appointment and will hopefully get the next cycle started! (Funny how most of our waits are 2 weeks) My journey is on the side but here is a little more about me:

- I am a christian
- I am short
- I am more in love with my husband each passing day
- I have a dog - and she is my world!
- I love peanut butter
- I am a planner
- I have lived in the Caribbean
- I love horses
- I deal with finances
- I am neat and organized
- I eat the samething every morning for breakfast (Cheerios)
- I've about made myself sick of them!
- I can't stand birds
- I like to go hiking
- I love music! (most any kind)
- I wish I were more artistic and creative
- I look like I'm still a teenager (most people think I'm 18, I've even had someone say 16?!?!)
- I am 27
- I am a homebody
- I don't eat seafood
- I like warm weather much better than cold!
- I have never been anywhere out west (farthest I've gone is Texas...)
- I like to cook
- I can't whistle
- I love my family!

Hope to get to know many more of you!


  1. We have a lot in common :) I am the same way with eating the same breakfast every morning, being a home body, liking to cook, and liking warm weather :)

  2. It was fun to learn more about you. I can't whistle either. I always thought I was the only one!

  3. Praying for you! I hope your follies go down and that your next appointment goes well!

  4. Thanks for commenting today. I really appreciate the prayers.

    I enjoyed reading a little more about you. Peanut butter and I are totally best friends! LOVE IT!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's always great to find other Christian bloggers who are dealing with IF!


  6. Thanks so much for your comment...and your prayers! They are much appreciated (& even coveted!). You are in my prayers, as well. God Bless!

  7. Your list of things about you is so stinkin cute. Nice to meet you! I will add your journey to my prayers!!!

  8. Happy ICLW! It's nice to meet you & find out a little more about you. Good luck with this current 2WW.

  9. Happy ICLW! It is nice to meet you! I'll pray that your follies go down and you are able to start your cycle!