Friday, October 2, 2009

Oh geez, here I go

I am just going to go ahead and start stressing - mkay

So I did the Orvidrel shot last night (around 5:30) I have been googling and listening to you guys - so I should ovulate around 36 hours from that, right? So, why am I having major cramping right now? It is on my lower left side like next to my hip - and they have been there for the past couple hours.

Last month I got this same pain on my right side and it was around 36 hours or so after the shot. So I assumed it was me ovulating. Am I just overreacting? I just reallllly want this to work, and I am trying to plan around it! The Mr. is out of town this weekend but said he could come home for a little bit tomorrow (ya know, just to hang out, wink wink).

I guess either way, whether I am ovulating now or whether it will happen tomorrow, I've done what I can.

Gosh, I can only imagine what I'm going to be like when I do get pregnant! I will seriously be a crazy person!

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  1. Ovidrel stimulates all the follicles in your ovaries. So, as they get ready to release the eggs, the ovaries plump up and you start to feel cramping and bloating. The cramping and bloating may last a few days, and you may feel like your ovaries are bulging. But it will pass. The twinges in your side are an indication that ovulation is about to occur. Yay!!