Saturday, October 3, 2009

O day

First off - thank you guys so much for the feedback! It definitely eased my crazy mind!

Second - I definitely think I ovulated this morning. I was having some major cramping! It's gone now, so that must have been it.

I really hope it works this time!! We've done all we can do, so now we just wait...

Okay - I promise I won't write about "waiting" everyday for the next 2 weeks :)
I don't know if I mentioned on here or not, but my brother is getting married in April. I was asked to be in the wedding. I am SO excited! I love his fiance! So, I had to go ahead and order my dress over a month ago. The dress was on sale, and is going to be discontinued so all of us bridesmaids had to go ahead and get the dress just-in-case it is discontinued before the wedding. Well - that left me with a small problem. I am usually a size 2 - well the wedding (at the time I bought the dress) was 8 months away. I am trying to get pregnant. The dress is being discontinued. What size do I get???

I figured, there is a good chance I would get pregnant before the wedding (positive thoughts!!) So I ordered a size 10. That is obviously going to look ridiculous on me - especially if I am not pregnant and have to get it altered. I went to pick it up yesterday. I didn't even take it out of the bag, what's the point? I talked to the lady at the store and she said that as long as the dress is still being made (which it is right now) they could reorder another size if I needed it.

I'm not trying to worry about it right now. If all else fails, I just won't be in it. As long as I'm there, it's all good!

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